HC2000S Seat

HC2000CR Chair

HC2000B Bench

Hartecast HC20001S seat

HC2001S Seat

Hartecast HC2001S

HC2001CR Chair

HC2020S Seat

HC2020B Bench

HC2022S Seat

HC2022B Bench

HC2023S Seat

HC2024S Seat

HC2024B Bench

Hartecaste HC2025

HC2025S Seat

park bench seat

HC2026S Seat

HC2026B Bench

HC2026CR Chair

half back seat

HC2026C Combo Seat

HC2026DC Double Combo Seat

Hartecast HC2027CR Chair

HC2027CR Chair

Hartecast HC2027S Seat

HC2027S Seat

HC2028S Seat

HC2028 Chair

HC2028B Bench

HC2028CS Curved Seat

Hartecast HC2028CB

HC2028CB Curved Bench

HC2031S & HC2032S  Seat

street furniture suppliers ireland - street furniture

HC2032S – 4 Seater

HC2031B & HC2032B Bench

street furniture suppliers ireland - street furniture

HC2033S Seat

street furniture suppliers ireland - street furniture

HC2033B Bench

HC2035S Seat

HC2045S Seat

HC2045B Bench

HC2045CR Chair

HC2046S Seat

HC2046B Bench

Hartecast HC3000S Seat


Z Seat

Z Bench

Hartecast Beam Seat

Beam Seat

Hartecast Beam Bench

Beam Bench

Blackthorn Seat

Hyde Park Seat 5ft

Hyde Park Seat 8ft

Hyde Park Bench 5ft

Hyde Park Bench 8ft

Ivy Leaf Seat 6ft

Ivy Leaf Seat 8ft

Phoenix Park Seat 6ft

Phoenix Park Seat 8ft

Phoenix Park Bench

Hartecast HC20 Anti Skate Stud

HC20 Anti Skate Stud

Seats and Benches

The Hartecast portfolio of seating combines top quality materials with exceptional design. This prestigious collection is contemporary in form and robust in construction. We also offer recycled composite timber as an alternative to hardwood timber on most of our existing seat and bench ranges.

A choice of materials including cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, timber and recycled composite timber are available. As we manufacture all our products in house we can arrange any colour combination you require. We can also create bespoke outdoor seating as required, to suit your scheme.

Please contact our knowledgeable team to discuss seating options for your next project.

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