Variety of Function makes traffic bollards an effective solution for town planners

The modern urban centre is a busy place. Keeping vehicle traffic separate from pedestrian traffic is one of the most important jobs of town planners. Traffic bollards are one of the primary means of keeping town and city streets decongested and safe.

Around the world urban populations are on the rise. Every city has to adapt in order to accommodate greater volumes of vehicles alongside greater numbers of pedestrians on streets and roads that have no space left to grow in. City planners have to think creatively and apply the limited resources they have economically and systematically. Traffic bollards are a key component of this repertoire.

Pedestrianisation is one of the primary ways planners deal with increased population of urban areas. Removing traffic from high streets and commercial town centres means that pedestrians can roam freely without being at risk and vehicle routes are not blocked up with foot traffic crossing roads to get from one shopping street to the next.

Of course in reality it is never so simple as to separate one group from the other. Pedestrian areas are by their nature going to have a lot of shops that require stock on a regular basis. This means that vans and delivery trucks need to be able to access these areas to stock businesses. There are also irregular reasons that require vehicle access to these areas. Fitting out new shops or repair work will likely require construction vehicles to be able to access these areas.

This creates a problem for town planners. They must find a solution that prevents regular traffic from passing through pedestrian areas accidentally or abusing it as a shortcut but that allows necessary traffic access to the area so as not to impede commerce. A simple way to keep traffic out of a pedestrian area, while allowing specific traffic such as delivery vehicles is to install removable traffic bollards.

These make for an attractive option that allows vehicular access to pedestrian areas with minimal disturbance to pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Hartecast provides a wide range of traffic bollards to suit every area type. Available in a range of colours and finishes Hartecast bollards are robust able to withstand all the trials of city life.

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