Stylish street furniture enhances the attraction of public spaces

Street furniture plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces and making communal areas clean and comfortable for citizens. Everyday street furnishings like seats and benches, litter bins, bollards, planters and cycles stands are crucial to the livability of town centres.

Local authorities responsible for the upkeep of public fixtures in their streets, parks and other public areas will spend a great deal of care and consideration when planning and installing these fixtures. Issues such as longevity and functionality will often be top of the agenda when selecting which furnishings will be installed. But style should also be an important consideration.

Stylish street furniture can make a town more attractive and increase the aesthetic enjoyment of the place for visitors and locals alike. Public furnishings reflect the style and attitude of a town and form part its very identity. Unkempt street furnishings in bad need of repair can make a town look unloved and uncared for.

Stylish well-made and well-maintained street objects give a town a sense of pride. Choosing quality materials and finishes and taking extra care when selecting the placement of furnishings can make all the difference.

What kind of street furniture makes up a town’s landscape?

The following objects are standard in most towns but many local councils also incorporate objects of cultural significance in their public spaces such as sculptures, fountains and commemorative monuments.

Litter Bins – Today’s litter bins are secure and robust. Generally made from stainless steel or ductile iron (or a combination of both materials) contemporary bins are tough, solid and vandal-proof.

Seats and Benches – Most public seating today is made from corrosion-, rust- and vandal-resistant materials like hardwood timber, stainless steel or ductile iron and finished with protective powder coating.

Bollards – Fixed or removable stainless steel bollards protect pedestrians from street traffic and prevent illegal parking.

Planters – Durable and attractive planters securely house shrubbery and help turn urban spaces into more pleasant and inviting environments.

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