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HC2056 Street Litter Bin Ireland

Do you have a sufficient street litter bin in your public access area? You need to make sure that you do or you – and your town citizens – could face hefty fines. Ireland’s Litter Pollution Act of 1997 and Waste Management Act of 2001 along with the Protection of the Environment Act of 2003 were legislation all introduced to cure Ireland of its litter problems and get the country back to its clean and welcoming image.

These acts aren’t just there to create paperwork for the government. The acts are being strictly enforced across the country, and town councils need to make sure they are maintaining their responsibilities to provide their citizens with adequate waste disposal solutions or face the consequences.

Individuals who litter in public can face an on-the-spot fine of €150 and a maximum fine of €3,000 if the litter offence end up in the District Court. Individuals certainly don’t want or need these fines. Town councils can help prevent them from facing these penalties by providing plenty of street litter bins in the public area.

Local authority street litter bin obligations

Under the government’s anti-litter laws local town authorities are responsible for their own litter management. This means town councils are responsible for keeping their public spaces – including parks, town centres, roads and pavements – clear of litter as much as is practically possible. This responsibility includes introducing town cleanliness programmes and providing sufficient litter bins and other waste management solutions within their area. The council also needs to enforce litter laws on its citizens and has the power to take action against people who break these laws.

It’s not just local authorities who need to take responsibility for litter management. Anyone who owns a property or business that has public access needs to be aware of their litter management obligations, including:

  • Litter in public places – People who own or are responsible for places that have public access (such as schools, public parks or public transport facilities) are obliged to keep their public access areas litter free.
  • Litter control at major events – Promoters and organisers of big events at sports stadiums, concert venues and festivals need to ensure litter in and around the venue is controlled.
  • Mobile food outlets – Owners of mobile food outlets need to be prepared for their customers’ waste disposal needs and provide suitable litter containers for their patrons.

Make sure to install plenty of street litter bins around your town you can do your part to live up to your town cleanliness responsibilities.

Types of street litter bins

There are a wide range of street litter bins available on the market in Ireland. From stainless steel contemporary designs to powder coated bins suitable to most environments. Bins come equipped with fixing points to ensure the bin remains rooted to its spot and is vandal proof. Other elements like ashtrays or compartments for separating types of rubbish are also often included.

Simply search online for Hartecast – the leading street litter bin manufacturers in Ireland and you will see a range of options for litter management in your public spaces.


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