For high quality street furniture manufacturers in Ireland look to Hartecast

Hartecast have been manufacturing street furniture in Ireland since being established in 1981. They are the only street furniture manufacturers in Ireland that both design and manufacture their own range of durable and stylish street furniture.

With a wide range and long history of supplying street furniture to local boroughs, councils, hospitals and universities across Ireland. Hartecast understand the functionality and features that will best serve the client and the public the furniture will ultimately benefit. This understanding shows itself in the design of the furniture and the approach taken in the manufacturing process. The materials used are of the highest quality and selected to withstand whatever circumstances the street furniture may face.

There are more than 60 different street furniture products designed and manufactured by Hartecast Ireland. All are designed to be functional and attractive, allowing them to be enjoyed and used by the public.

Amongst this range are Hartecast litter bins. All Hartecast litter bins are designed to be highly vandal resistant, incorporating materials such as 316 grade stainless steel and ductile iron. 316 grade stainless steel is also known as marine steel because it is resistant to corrosion and weathering and so used on marine vehicles and structures. Ductile iron is stronger than cast iron making it resistant to vehicle impact and vandalism.

Other street furniture manufactured in Ireland by Hartecast include benches and seating. The benches and seating produced by Hartecast are available in a wide range of designs and styles to suit every environment from a quiet park to a bustling commercial district. The styles vary from traditional timber and cast iron style park benchs to more modern, sleek design styles that are made from laser-cut stainless steel and can be finished with chrome. There are numerous variants in between that incorporate timber with stainless steel, chrome finished frames that create a modern, elegant appearance.

Hartecast Ireland also manufacture street furniture in several styles of functional, modular seating which is highly versatile and low maintenance making it ideal for bus, train and other types of stations.

All Hartecast street furniture is manufactured to be highly durable and resistant to weather and vandalism.


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