Street Furniture Manufacturers

Established in 1981, Hartecast has over 30 years experience in the Street Furniture market which covers many sectors throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We design and manufacture our own unique coordinated range of street furniture that is stylish, robust and designed to outlast all products on the market today.


Attention to detail and a wide selection in Contemporary street furniture products allows for enhancement of historic and modern environments. Ductile iron, stainless steel, renewable hardwoods and recycled composites are ergonomically combined to give practical beauty.

Long life economy

The durable materials and construction of all our products means a reduction in replacement and maintenance costs. 10 year costs compare very favorably with most alternatives, and over 30 years they are very hard to beat.

Looking good for longer

Due to high quality protective coatings and finishes, Hartecast products wear very well. With our refurbishment programme products can look as good as new even 30 years on.

Street tough

Street Tough

Hartecast Litter Bin still perfect after being hit by a truck!

Hartecast products are seriously vandal resistant. Our products are designed for purpose while not compromising on design and style.

Inclusive mobility

Many products in the range are designed to include the visually impaired and the less mobile

Environmental benefits

As well as the long life benefits of the materials used and the facility to refurbish rather than replace, when end of life is eventually reached, materials used are highly recyclable.

Hartecast are committed to achieving the highest standards of environment performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations.