High quality road bollards manufactured and supplied by Hartecast

Road bollards need to be robust to withstand potential knocks from cars. They must also be resistant to vandalism. Beyond these basic requirements they should ideally have an aesthetic quality that can be enjoyed by the general public and that suits its surroundings.

As populations of urban areas increase and more pedestrians come into ever closer contact with road users, bollards serve an increasingly important role in keeping both road users and pedestrians safe from harm.

Hartecast manufactures and supplies a range of solid road bollards. A number of different designs are available and each design can be finished with a number of different techniques to provide various textures and appearances.

All are made with 316 grade stainless steel to ensure resistance to collisions and vandalism. The wall thickness of Hartecast bollards ranges from 3 to 4mm for increased durability. Removable variants are also available. These are ideal for use in private parking spaces to prevent unauthorized persons from using the space or to allow access to pedestrianised areas for delivery and other permitted vehicles. Fixed bollards are set level in the ground using concrete. Removable bollards are provided with stainless steel retention sockets.

Model designs vary from simple flat and diagonal tops to piped caps. These caps also come in a number of variants. Powder coat and blasting finishes are available and can be combined with various bollard finishes to contrast with or match the main bollard. The cap designs include domed caps with one or three piping rings or diagonal cap with one pipe. Different finishes can also be applied to the pipe such as a reflective finish making the bollard more visible in low light conditions.

Finishes that can be applied to the main bollard body include electro polish which produces a shiny mirror finish, bead blasted which produces a matt finish and satin finish which is midway between a mirror and matt finish.

The 316 grade stainless steel all Hartecast road bollards are made from contains higher levels of chromium. This means they are more resistant to corrosion making them suitable for use in salt water areas which may include beach car parks or commercial complexes in seaside resorts.

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