Reputable Bollard suppliers are vital to the safety of pedestrians and motorists

HC2067 Bollards Ireland

While advances in modern technology have resulted in the creation of a more high-tech and simplified society, these developments have also brought with them increased dangers. In particular, a faster pace of living has led to an exponential rise in the number of pedestrians and automobiles that frequent roads and sidewalks.

HC2062 Semi Dome Bollard

These dangers have the necessitated the need for mechanisms which will protect members of the public, whether they be strolling down the lane on foot, or cruising along in their vehicle. In this regard, bollards have proved to be the most effective means of enhancing public safety. Bollards are an assortment of structures that are primarily created in mind with either controlling or directing road traffic, by blocking the passage of motor vehicles in to certain areas. Subsequently, this allows pedestrians to have an unobstructed and safe journey when on foot, and ensures similarly that motorists are not exposed to areas which pose a threat to their safety or that of their passengers.

Considering the vital contribution that these structures make to the prosperity of a town or city, it is critical to make an informed decision when choosing from the various bollard suppliers that are available in Ireland. These suppliers should not only conform to the highest standards of manufacturing and service, but also possess a suitable variety of material to choose from, so that the correct bollard can be implemented in the appropriate setting. They also need to have a working knowledge of the correct way in which to construct the bollards, and knowledge of whether they should be movable or removable.

With over 32 years experience, Irish based Hartecast is one of the most reputable bollard suppliers in Ireland.  The company has an assortment of bollards in its range, all of which are manufactured in durable stainless steel. As such, these bollards are not only discernibly reliable, but also offer considerable cost savings to customers, and are also more environmentally friendly. To learn more about Hartecast’s bollard capabilities call, + 353 51 424 922.

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