Life Time Value of Hartecast Products

Life Time Value of Hartecast Products

Hartecast products are made with the highest standards of manufacturing techniques and have unrivaled knowledge of materials and design for purpose.

By installing Hartecast street furniture you can be assured that you have invested in products that will have an extremely long life span and deliver excellent value for money over their life.

All Hartecast products are designed for a life cycle of 30 + years when maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by us, All Ductile Iron components are 100% recyclable at the end of their product life.

Litter bin Refurbishment Option

Many organizations are spending large sums of money annually on Litter bin maintenance eg. broken doors & hinges etc. We do not have these problems and hence, customers who utilize our refurbishment offer will gain the benefit of a very cost effective solution and ensure their street scene furniture looks bright and fresh.

Hartecast are pleased to announce that we can offer a full Litter Bin ‘Refurbishment’ option for our customers.

Because our litter bins have such a long life span it may be necessary to cosmetically refurbish them after a period of 5-6 years thus keeping them looking fresh and your street scene will look new once again!