Parking bollards make more efficient use of urban space

As the population of cities and other urban areas grow commercial districts become more centralised. This results in a greater density of commercial activity with shopping centres fighting with industrial and office parks for space. Making the most efficient use of what is left over for parking space is vital. Parking bollards make up an important part of this commercial infrastructure and maximising the efficiency of the limited parking space available.

They are also important in regards to security. The use of removable parking bollards is a simple and foolproof means of preventing vehicles being removed from a premises. They can also prevent vehicular access after business hours when a vehicle might be parked near a storage or similar unit to be used in illegally removing property from such a unit.

Reserving private and staff parking spaces can also be achieved using a similar method. Reserved parking spaces for senior staff and potential clients can improve the efficient running of a business, allowing meetings to be held on time and preventing issues in trying to find a space.

Hartecast produces a range of parking bollards in different designs with customisable finishes to suit any urban environment.

All are made from 316 grade stainless steel. This has a higher chromium component which makes it more resistant to corrosion. The HC2060, HC2061 and HC2065 models are fabricated with a 3mm thick wall. The HC2066 and HC2077 variants have 4mm thick walls. All thicknesses result in high levels of resistance to vandalism and low speed vehicle collisions.

Each model is available as a removable bollard. Fixed bollards are set in concrete. Removable bollards are supplied with a stainless steel sleeve. A range of finishes can be applied to a number of models. These include electro polish, bead blast and satin finish. Models with piped caps can have the cap piping painted in one of a variety of colours to appropriately match its surroundings.

Hartecast has plenty of experience working with city and borough councils across Great Britain and Ireland. They have also provided infrastructural solutions for several Universities and Hospitals.

Contact us for more information on parking bollards and other street furniture.

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