Park bench manufacturers are in demand for Ireland’s national parks and dense forests

HC Traditional Park Benches Ireland

With six national parks and twenty one forests situated throughout Ireland, there is no doubt that park benches are in high demand throughout the country. These parks are surrounded by lush vegetation and engulf large areas where many hikers stroll through the regions on a daily basis. Park benches serve as a resting point where hikers can marvel at the breath-taking scenery, wildlife and the many bird species that reside within these national parks and dense forest vegetation. With the above in mind, it is important to note that not any park benches are suitable to this region. The park benches should be robust, durable and capable to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as large weights.

traditional bench ireland

In light of the above, Irish park bench manufacturer, Hartecast has for the past 30 years manufactured and supplied strong and high quality park benches to local authorities throughout Ireland. Many of Hartecast’s clients describe the company as one that provides excellent customer service to all its clients. Hartecast’s park benches incorporate the following options:

• HC2000- manufactured with hard wood timber and stainless steel. The ranges comprises of a seat bench and table.
• HC2020- made from ductile steel and stainless steel. The range is vandal proof and easy to maintain
• HC2023- includes hardwood timber and stainless steel. Can be supplied with or without a back.
• HC2024- made of hardwood timber and stainless steel
• HC 2026- this is a new range that incorporates ductile steel and hardwood
• HC2030- manufactured as a three or four seater with material such as ductile steel and hardwood
• HC2040-manufacted from laser cut, heavy gauge, stainless steel
• Traditional range which has been in existence for 30 years
• The Z range is a new range that incorporates a sleek modern look and feel

HC2023 Range Park Benches Ireland

The above stylish park bench ranges are manufactured in a variety of colours and material in accordance with the region where the park bench will be placed. To find out which range is best to suit your needs and to find a suitable park bench manufacturer, visit the website and click on products tab where pictures and comprehensive descriptions are available for each product range.

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