Bollards for road safety, to minimise chaos

HC2010 Bollard

A society without rules and regulations is one doomed for chaos, despair and dangerous accidents. The same applies to the road, its vehicles and its pedestrians. Road rules and regulations are pertinent to minimise danger for all. In order to minimised accidents and control chaos on the road, bollards have been invented to control traffic. The structure, which originated from the 19th century is primarily used for traffic management purposes. Bollards are manufactured from hard, resistant material and can function as permanent or removable structures.

Essentially bollards function by:

  • Controlling traffic intake by minimising movement in certain areas
  • To control speed by narrowing the road and limiting the number of motor vehicles that pass through a distinct point
  • To protect pedestrians by providing a barrier between the pavement and the road

In light of the above, Irish based Hartecast have since 1981, perfected and manufactured strong and robust bollards for road safety. The company works in conjunction with a variety of sectors throughout Ireland and their in-house team, who are highly experienced in the design and manufacturing of bollards. As a result, Hartecast now offer the following three new ranges, specifically targeting the visually impaired. They are as follows:

  • HC2010 Collar and Cap Bollard which is available in a painted finish to increase safety for the visually impaired.
  • HC2011 Collar and Cap Bollard which includes a stainless steel finish and a variety of colour to assist and guide the visually impaired to safety
  • HC2012 which includes a polished cap and standard coat finish pipe available in standard colours

Hartecast also offers numerous other bollard options which cater according to their client’s needs and a full list is available on the website. Not only does the company have an established track record but it is also known for its stylish contemporary design, excellent service support and delivery, functionality and durability, Hartecast commits to conserve the environment through their promise to use recycled materials throughout the manufacturing process.  Some of Hartecast’s clients are:

  • Derry City Council
  • Irish Rail
  • Dublin City Council

To find out more about Hartecast’s bollard range, call 051 424 922.

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