Bollard street furniture is finding ever greater use as municipalities continue to grow

Around the world established cities continue to grow even as new cities spring up. The population of the world has grown massively over the last century and a greater proportion of that population now lives in urban areas than ever before. Now more than half of the world’s population lives in cities.

Bollard street furniture plays a humble but important role in helping to adapt to many of the difficulties that arise from this new situation. With more and more people concentrating in smaller areas one of the biggest problems that arise is in transport. Managing the ever more limited space available that allows pedestrians and vehicles alike to traverse the city space is a huge challenge for urban planners.

The overcrowding and congestion of roads that can result from large, dense population centres is difficult enough but many people in modern cities choose to travel by foot. Where vehicles and pedestrians come into close proximity with one another a whole other set of problems arise. Ensuring vehicles and pedestrians can travel in confined spaces in a safe manner is of critical importance when it comes to town planning.

One of the simplest and most effective ways of solving many of these problems is with the use of bollard street furniture.

In the narrow and confined streets of cities, in particular older cities, the likelihood of vehicles mounting the curb is unfortunately quite high. On a busy high street this is an unacceptable safety hazard. In terms of curb side protection that prevents vehicles from mounting the pavement a series of sturdy bollards is a far more cost effective and attractive solution than a long custom built guard rail.

Many city councils choose to pedestrianise certain areas of the city to enable freer movement of its citizens particularly in shopping and residential districts. A driver unfamiliar with the area may easily drive into such an area and cause an obstruction or even an accident. Even with adequate signage, unscrupulous drivers may use the area as a short cut. Removable bollards can prevent restricted vehicles from entering while still giving access to delivery, maintenance and emergency vehicles

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